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As children, we may not have seen the benefits of speaking another language. Maybe the most notorious one we could find, was being able to talk behind people’s backs without being understood. As we grew up we get to see that learning a foreign language is actually truly beneficial. In this post we will talk about the many benefits you and your children could enjoy by learning a new language. So join The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI in exploring these perks. “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charlemagne

Boost Brain Power

You’ve already got your own language down: all the grammatical rules, vocabulary and pronunciation are something you’ve been learning your whole life. Now, learning another language means learning a new set of intricate rules and structures. Your brain has to work extra hard at making sense of all this new information. Once you’ve given your brain that new workout, everything you know and what you’ve recently learned come together to create new ideas, develop critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.  A new language makes your brain more powerful, helping to make you smarter.

Improved Memory

As mentioned before, learning a new language means learning new vocabulary and rules. Being able to remember those new rules on the spot means you need to have a good memory. The brain has to associate new information with mnemonics to retain information. The more you use your brain, the better the workout, which makes it easier to remember things. Besides, research shows that children with multiple languages are better at mental calculations and reading, skills that require some type of memorization and quick thinking. Tutoring can also help you develop those mental skills.

Keep a Sharp Mind

The first signs of dementia an Alzheimer’s start to present themselves when people are around 71-72. Bilingual people can stave off these signs for up to 5 more years. If learning a new language can sharpen your mind and keep you healthier for more years, what’s stopping you?

Improves First Language

A new language makes you aware of your own. Your probably don’t give a second thought to your grammatical structures, since it’s your native tongue it’s just natural. By understanding another languages’ grammatical rules and conjugations you gain new insight into your own language. When you start to notice the similarities and differences between languages you become more aware and more careful with how you communicate. In other words, you become better at your first language. Sometimes when you talk to someone whose second language is English, you learn little details you’ve never realized before about your native language. It’s eye opening. If you are interested in further improving in your language, tutoring can be your solution. The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has various tutoring programs which can help you master English. Call them at (650) 799-7737 to know more, and don’t forget to schedule your free diagnostic assessment.

Provides Better Career Opportunities

A multilingual person has better chances of employment. They’re able to communicate and connect with other cultures, simply because of a shared language. Your ability to speak a second or third language gives you an extra professional value, as you can negotiate with other countries and customers who don’t speak your first language. Not to mention a person who learns another language shows that they’re interested in improving themselves, knowing more and they are driven to become better versions of themselves. Remember that a person who works for new skills could benefit from tutoring.


A person who is sure of what they know walks with more confidence. Learning a new skill makes you feel more comfortable about yourself. Being able to speak another language is a natural confidence builder. As a multilingual you become more open to new ideas and people and more social as well.

Create a Bigger Network

As a multilingual you have a bigger access to the world and its many cultures. You become more flexible, open and learn to appreciate other ways of looking at things. You gain a new perspective, Let’s not forget the fact that you can now enjoy and understand more literature, music and history! Also, as a multilingual you have more opportunities to meet new people, create new friends and a bigger network. People are much more accessible when you make an effort to speak their language and understand their culture.

Tutoring Can Broaden Your Horizons

Tutoring can help you learn something new, which in turn can help you see things differently. If you are interested in one of The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI many tutoring programs give them a call at (650) 799-7737 to learn more.


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