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If your children will be unknowingly helping with your spring cleaning this year, this article has some tips to help make the task an educational one.

When spring rolls around it means two very different things for parents and their children. For parents, it means that it’s time for annual spring cleaning. For students, of course, it means time for spring break on the couch.

Give Your Children a Cleaning Lesson

If your child is in for a bit of a surprise when they will soon learn that they will be helping you with the spring cleaning during their break, below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Honolulu about how you can include small yet important lessons in the task.

The Best Place to Start Is at the Start

For most children, the first time that they will see the list of chores which need to be completed is when they are being delegated. Unfortunately, by this stage, they have already missed out on a lesson in time-management. Instead, include your children in the planning stage:
  • Let them see how you prepare your list, and share with them the techniques you use to ensure you don’t forget any items.
  • As you prioritize your list, teach them how you make your decisions and how important this task is.
  • As you calculate how long each task will take to complete, share your thoughts and calculations, such as planning for preparation time and including resources.
  • When you are ready, enlist their help to put it all together to ensure that you get the most out of the time which you have available.
In addition to being a great way to teach a hands-on lesson in time management, it also provides children with a framework to utilize when the time comes to manage a heavy study load and manage competing priorities and time restrictions.

Learning About Spaces

For younger children who aren’t yet in the position of managing multiple study requirements and who are struggling with basic calculation and measurements, moving your furniture is the activity which will provide a lesson. Each time that you clean a room you will likely move furniture. While you may usually just slide items, like your couch, out slightly and then back to its place again, this time, ask your child to take the measurements of your furniture items and find alternate spaces for them to fit while you clean the room. During this, even if you are certain that the items won’t fit, move them anyway. This can work as a practical lesson where our child can visualize their mistake and improve next time. If your child’s report card recommended additional learning or your child just needs a little more help with one particular lesson, one-to-one tutoring near Honolulu, HI can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Honolulu today at 808 377 5500 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment where you can learn more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring near Honolulu, HI.


If your children require small rewards to become motivated in your spring clean, this tip is a great way to use this as an educational tool. Ask your children for a list of three rewards they would like. These could include a number of trips to the mall, choosing a dessert for the week, or even skipping a week of chores. Once you have the three items, assign them with a space to be cleaned. For example, if your child’s first reward was to choose a dessert for a week, the requirement to receive this reward is to clean 20 square feet of space. Use this method to assign an amount of space to all tasks. If your children can reach the target, they earn a corresponding reward. However, note that it doesn’t have to be the floor. As an example, if your child cleans out their closet, allow them to include the spacial measurements of the closet, providing they are able to correctly calculate them. Even if they choose small spaces, be sure to include these as small spaces can often provide the biggest challenge.

Tutoring near Honolulu, HI Can Help All Students

This spring, consider the above tips and look for additional ways which you can include lessons in your spring cleaning. If your child needs a little more help, either with a particular lesson in school or their first-semester report card suggested extra learning, one-to-one tutoring near Honolulu, HI can help. If you are new to the idea of one-to-one tutoring, book a free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu by calling 808 377 5500. During your first visit, a trained tutor can answer any questions you have about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring.


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