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Bird Watching With Your Children

Looking for a fun weekend activity to do with your child? Try bird watching! This fun and educational activity is a great way to spend some time outside with your child. Going out and exploring nature is a good way to teach your child about the environment and biology as well.

Location for Bird Watching 

Start out by doing some homework. Scout out local parks or nature reserves near you. Or make it into a weekend trip and find a good place to camp. Birds are everywhere so if you are not located near a good park or forest, even keeping an eye out for birds in the city and suburbs is a fun activity to enjoy with your child. Look up what types of birds are found where you live. Most likely, there are only a few common ones to remember.

Spotting Birds 

Teach your child to look for birds and pay special attention to the birds size and colors. Some birds have special features around their eyes, neck, chest, and tail. Get a pair of binoculars as well. This will greatly help when birding. Another pro tip is to pick up a bird guide at your local bookstore. These are usually inexpensive and will easily help you identify the birds you see. For tutoring in Honolulu, contact The Tutoring Center. Give us a call at 808-377-5500. We offer one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects. Check out our blog for more fun tips like fun summer activities.


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