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 Receiving a disappointing report card can be a real blow, and it can be difficult not to be frustrated and even angry. It’s important to take a deep breath and try to work out the cause of the issue, in fact that’s the very reason report cards exist; they can warn you of a problem affecting your child’s performance before it becomes chronic. Today, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to let you know the most common issues causing bad grades.

Overstuffed schedules

If your child is trying to fit studying in around extracurricular activities, sports teams, a social life and even a part-time job then it may not be surprising that their grades aren’t as high as they could be. Sit down with them and discuss which of their activities they’re going to prioritize (studying should come first, of course) and which they’ll cut out to make some space in their schedule. Drawing up a study plan can be a tremendous way to ensure they’re fitting enough in.


Bullying can have a dramatic effect on grades, and children are sometimes very averse to discussing problems they’re having at school so it can be pernicious, too. Keep a close eye on your child’s behavior and emotional wellbeing. If they seem withdrawn and reluctant to go to school, there may well be a bullying problem. Regularly check how they are doing and try to make it clear that they can talk to you if they have problems, and keep in touch with their teacher to stay on top of how things seem in the classroom.

Health problems

If your child is unwell then they’re likely to be underperforming. This doesn’t just mean situations in which they’re evidently sick; problems such as poor quality of sleep, lack of nutrition, and fatigue can be subtle but have resounding effects. One surprisingly common issue are undiagnosed eye problems. Children may not realise that their eyesight is bad, assuming that is just how people see, even if they struggle to read the blackboard. Take your child to the optometrist to be sure this isn’t a problem, and make sure your child is getting enough good quality sleep and has a healthy diet filled with brain-boosting superfoods.


Your child will find some subjects easier than others and, especially as your child grows older, the work they are expected to do at school can be very complex. If the problem is academic, and your child needs help with their studies, you can rely on The Tutoring Center to provide support. Our expert staff can assist with reading, math, grammar and more, using our targeted Geniuses in Trainingacademic programs. Call 650-799-7737 to organize tutoring in Honolulu today.


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