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How Social Influences Are Affecting Your Child's Grades

When parents receive their child’s exam results or their report cards it can be often difficult to understand why their children aren’t achieving the grades they know they’re capable of. Once a child leaves the front door and makes their way to school, many parents are left in the dark as to what is happening during each class. While parent-teacher interviews are greatly beneficial they are no doubt too few and far between, and often times even a teacher isn’t able to pinpoint specific problem areas. If this situation sounds a little too familiar and you’re left wondering what could be taking such a toll on your child’s grades, The Tutoring Center of Honolulu has prepared some information about the power of social influence, and the negative impacts it could be having on your child’s grades and their future educational opportunities.

Are We Just Talking About Social Media and Cell Phones?

When talking to parents about social influence throughout schools the first thought that comes to their minds is social media. Most parents see their children constantly updating their status and sharing photos that it can easy to assume this is the culprit. Instead, when we speak about the negative impacts caused by social influence we are really talking about one word - “cool”.

What Are the Reasons a Child Will Raise Their Hand?

During your child’s regular class there are two prominent reasons that will cause them to put their hand up:
  • To check they have the correct answer and have arrived there the correct way.
  • To find out more about a subject or aspect they aren’t confident with.
Through social influence, the word “cool” has become powerfully synonymous with the very opposite of those two reasons. While as adults we are fully aware of the importance of asking as many questions during school as possible to ensure a thorough education, as children, the idea of both appearing to know the answer and asking for help is seen as something very different. It’s seen as not being “cool”. The impact this has on so many students is that they become afraid, purely through social influence, to raise their hand. When a student doesn’t raise their hand to ask a question their understanding of the lesson is affected and their grades suffer as a result. Purely because of one word. To remove this influence, services such as The Tutoring Center of Honolulu have created learning spaces free from all social influences. These learning spaces not only provide an environment that encourages students to ask questions but promotes the benefits of learning, both short term, and long term. If this sounds like the kind of space that you feel your child would benefit from, a learning space where your child’s education can truly grow, speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at 808 377 5500 and book your free consultation. Along with your child, come and speak with our tutors and explore the type of environment that so many students are already taking advantage of to not only improve their grades but also their confidence.

Is It Their Friends?

The next thoughts and questions that parents generally think about relate to their child’s friends. Often parents will look through their child’s friends for what they perceive to be a bad influence. The concern with this approach is that more often than not, a child isn’t trying to impress their friends at all. Conversely, they’re trying to impress somebody outside of their social group. If you attended a school where there were a group of “popular kids”, or perhaps one “cool kid” in particular, then you already have a good understanding of what we are about to talk about. As adults, we have the benefit of hindsight and realize now that our social standing throughout our schooling years had and has absolutely nothing to do with the level of education and employment we have achieved. Unfortunately, instilling this lesson into a child who spends most of their time in a social environment isn’t easy. It is this person that a student is often trying to impress which prevents them from excelling during their schooling years. While it’s highly unlikely that this “cool kid” has any interest in the social standing of anybody outside their own group, it is often a student’s own perception that gets in their way and prevents their learning from reaching its potential. Afraid this “cool kid” won’t think they’re “cool”, many students refrain from asking questions or seeking further clarification, resulting in poor performance and a limit to their future educational opportunities.

Remove the Cool Kid From the Equation

To help a student feel comfortable asking questions, and potentially, appearing to be wrong, this influence needs to be removed completely. With nobody to seemingly impress, children feel free to enjoy learning, allowing them to truly reach their potential. If you feel that your child could be spending too much of their energy on impressing somebody instead of on their school work, you aren’t alone. With the power of social influence, more and more parents just like yourself are looking for external learning environments in which their child can excel.

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