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 As you are guiding your child through his or her educational experience, surely you’ll come across some stumbling blocks to learning and may in fact, need some assistance. Of course, you can consider understanding how to adapt to your child’s learning styles as a place to start. You may also consider, however, opening up the lines of communication with your child’s teacher, so that you can get some ideas from him or her. The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to aid you in this matter today, by providing a few tips to help improve communication with your child’s teacher, throughout the school year.

Before the school year even starts, you should begin looking for your invitation to the school’s Open House event. Depending on the district, the event may happen before the start of school or within the first few weeks. The idea of an Open House is that the parents and students can come into the school, get to know the surroundings, and see the classroom and the teachers. Here, the teacher will be able to give information about how he or she operates in the classroom, the expectations of the students, and of course this is a perfect opportunity for the parents to ask any preliminary questions or address concerns.

Your second chance will come in the form of Parent/Teacher Conferences. Again, depending on the school your child is in, these will generally be held once during each semester of the school year, and you should be notified beforehand. The teacher may choose to set up the meeting or you can seek out the teacher to voice any concerns, get ideas as to how your child is doing, and to figure out together, the best steps to ensure your child continues to do well.

Of course, do not neglect the other opportunities you’ll have to get involved in school related activities. If you’re working during the day then it will not be that easy for you to volunteer while your child is in school, but don’t forget parent groups and associations that are in the evening in order to work around the schedules of working parents.

Lastly, you should never underestimate the power of simply reaching out to your child’s teacher in an email or phone call, letting him or her know that you are open to discussing any issues or thoughts the teacher has concerning your child, whenever the need arises. Making yourself available to the teacher is a great way to keep the lines of communication open and functional.

As you are communicating more and more with your child’s teacher, he or she may suggest that your child receive some extra assistance in a certain area. Remember that The Tutoring Center is available with a professional tutoring staff to help your child reach academic success. For tutoring in Honolulu, be sure to give us a call at 808.377.5500.


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