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Anxiety can be extremely overwhelming. If you're finding that you're getting anxious about the thought of returning to school, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has tips on how you can overcome it. 

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How to Ease Back-to-School Nerves

Enjoy Your Break to the Fullest

Imagine being so excited because summer vacation is starting, and making all of these plans regarding what you'll do during your time off. Now, imagine that time off coming to an end, and you realizing you did nothing, but watch TV. You would be frustrated and anxious about your return, wouldn't you? If you want to be ready to focus on your academics once more, you need to enjoy your summer break to the fullest and take advantage of your time off. Enroll in classes, meet with your friends, travel, and more, to return to school with a smile.

Get Everything You'll Need Ready

If you're already feeling nervous about your return to school, try your best not to add to your stress. Feeling unprepared can definitely spike up your stress levels, especially if you're someone who likes to have control of every situation. That's why you should start preparing what you can control. To that end, you can start gathering all of your school supplies and ensure you have everything. Likewise, pack your backpack and choose your outfit, so you can begin to take control.

Study Your Notes a Few Times

The summer learning slide is a phenomenon that takes place when students neglect their academics during the break, and they return to school as a blank slate, since they've forgotten most of what they learned during the previous school year. That's why, if you're anxious about your return because you think you're not ready for the new academic challenges, you should study your notes a few times over. Simply doing that will help you refresh your memory of everything you learned the previous term.

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Talk to Friends, Family, and More

When the anxiety is too much to handle on your own, turning to those closest to you can be a great way to let some of it go. For that reason, it's recommended that you talk to you friends, family, and peers about your feelings of anxiety. This is especially important if there's a specific reason why your anxiety is so high regarding your return to school. Vising a professional psychologist may be a good idea, as they can help you identify your anxiety, and share tips on how you can handle it in a successful manner.

Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes, you can manage your anxiety effectively. Other times, you're not as successful at it. For those situations in which you feel your nervous energy is at a rise, you should learn some relaxation techniques that can channel said energy into something positive. For example, going for a walk, playing with your pet, doing yoga, meditating, and even trying breathing exercises can allow you to return to a more calm state of mind. As stated above, you can also turn to your psychologist to learn other techniques to identify and handle your anxiety with more success.

Keep a Positive Mindset

It may seem that the last thing you want to hear when you're anxious, is that you should try to stay positive. After all, you're so certain that everything will go wrong, how could you possibly think that it won't? Still, when you have all of those negative thoughts running through your head, the best thing you can do is identify them and understand they aren't true. In the end, you should do your best to focus on the positive aspects of the situation (such as seeing your classmates and teachers once again). But above all, you should understand and be confident in the fact that you can face the challenges that will come your way, and that you will face them successfully.

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