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Help Your Student Stay on Target and Make the Most of the Remaining School Months

If you were to ask your child what they had planned for the rest of the school year, they would immediately begin to tell you about their upcoming end of year vacations and all of the fun they are going to have. What they won’t mention is the end of year exams and the steps they are taking to prepare for them. That’s because, at this stage of the year, most children are focused solely on the end goal that they forget to actually prepare for it. This attitude unfortunately leads to nothing more than missed learning opportunities and grades which don’t reflect their true learning potential.

Don't Let the Final School Months Pass Your Student By

If it seems like your student may not be on track to take advantage of the remaining learning opportunities before the end of year exams and assessment, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has some information below which can help.

Get Them Back on Schedule - Literally

If there is one thing which a brain loves, it’s a routine. This is never more applicable than when it comes to your student and their studies. However, there are a few important items to remember when creating a schedule and helping your student stick to it:
  • The most important part of a study routine is that each session occurs at the same time, each day, each week. If you notice that your child studies best after eating dinner or immediately after returning home from school, choose these times and stick with them. This level of repetition will help not just their brain but also their bodies become accustomed to the study which is to come and prepare for it.
  • Association is a powerful tool and one which works well with study sessions. Establish a space in your home or even your outdoor entertaining area as your student’s study space at their designated study hours. Before they arrive home, set up the space so that it includes everything they will need for a productive study session, such as their stationery items and study materials. Additionally, do what you can to ensure this space is left alone while they study. This could mean moving your own housework routine around so that you aren’t vacuuming around the area as they study. Even small distractions, such as cleaning, can take a student’s mind off their work, making them lose valuable time as they try to remember where they left off.
For a more formal routine, enroll your student in formal tutoring in Honolulu, HI where they can attend the same learning space at the same time to receive structured lessons from a professional. If you are new to the new idea of tutoring, speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI by calling and book your free consultation where a learning professional can help you explore the benefits of tutoring.

Make Larger Tasks Easier to Manage

If a student already has their eyes on their vacation time, large projects can seem too overwhelming. This leads to students leaving projects until the last minute, resulting in a less than stellar outcome. Given that end of year projects and assignments are often larger than those given throughout the school year and generally carry more weight, below is an excellent way to help them break it down into smaller tasks. Consider the example that your student is required to prepare a report for their teacher on the construction of the Hoover Dam and then separately present a verbal presentation to their class.
  1. The first step is to research as much information as possible from both text books, documentary films, and online resources.
  2. Filter this information and collate it into small packets of ‘crucial information.'
  3. Using this information, create a timeline which focuses on key points.
  4. Expand each key point to include detailed information.
The most important aspect of following these steps is that they do not need to all be completed within the same study period. As long as each individual step is completed within the same session, so as not to lose momentum. An example: Sunday evenings can be spent gathering as much information as possible regarding the event. The non-limiting nature of this step will help your student to obtain more information as they won’t have to worry about duplicates or reading into too much of the details. The best part of this step is that, because the attention to detail occurs later in the process, students can gather this information while watching TV in the background on the couch with their family. Monday afternoon’s study sessions would be used to sort through this information and pick out any correlations. For example, one article may mention the number of workers involved, while another article includes information on their working and living conditions and also attempted unionization. It is these correlations that will help them to create a more detailed and substantial report. Wednesday’s study sessions would be spent putting all of this information together to create a rough timeline of events, with all of the detailed information attached to the crucial points. Thursday would be spent cleaning up the timeline to ensure all of the information is coherent and correct and doesn’t include any bloat which could distract from the report. Finally, Friday’s study sessions would be spent using this report to create their verbal presentation. The crucial points would be their main speaking parts, where the detailed information would be ‘interesting tidbits’ which they would use to give their classmates more and different information than they would usually find.

Nothing Can Help Your Student Raise Their Grades More Than Tutoring in Honolulu

In addition to these great tips, consider enrolling your student in tutoring to boost their grades and to help them prepare for any upcoming exams. To learn more with a free consultation, speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI by calling 808 377 5500 to speak with a learning professional who can provide more details.


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