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Every parent wants to make learning an enjoyable experience for their youngster, however, the challenge is often thinking of ways to do it. If this sounds familiar, this article can help! There is no doubt that each and every parent wants nothing short of the best for their child. This includes their education, where many parents will be as active as they can in their child’s learning. However, a common challenge faced by these parents is how to keep their youngster’s attention on the lesson and not on the TV or laptop screen.

Maintain Your Child's Attention With These Fun Learning Games

Through extensive experience providing high-quality one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu, HI, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI knows that finding fun ways to teach is a challenge. This is why they have two great games to share which everybody can play at home.

Mathematics Memory!

As much as students may enjoy learning math, when compared to playing sports during a physical education class or making different colored chemicals and smoke during science lessons, students just don’t describe it as fun. This isn’t because it doesn’t bring them benefits, but simply because it would be unreasonable to expect the teacher to spend their time teaching all of their lessons in the form of games and activities. However, for a parent, it isn’t such an unreasonable task. One game you can play at home is Mathematics Memory, and it’s the classic game you remember with an additional learning twist.
  • Start by creating 20 pieces of card, about the same size as a playing card.
  • On one side of each of these cards, write a math equation which your youngster has been struggling with. Mark a small dot on the back on each of the question cards.
  • With the remaining 10 cards, write a corresponding answer on one side.
  • Now, place each of these cards in neat rows on the table with both the questions and the answers facing up.
  • Be quick! Count to 10 while everybody has a chance to look at the cards and then turn them over.
Now, each person at the table takes turns choosing a question card, doing their best to solve the problem, and then trying to remember where they think they saw the answer! As you can imagine, on top of being educational, this can become quite a fun and exciting activity as each person knows where the other person’s answer cards are! If you can see that your student struggles with a particular set of questions during the game, take note of the questions and book a free diagnostic assessment with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI. Call them today at 808 377 5500 to learn more about how one-on-one tutoring can help your child reach their learning potential.

Synonym Bingo

Have you noticed that while you see children using technology seemingly constantly, you never really see them with their phone to their ear? After all, it’s a phone, right?! While youngsters may use a device called a phone, making a phone call is rarely an activity which the device is used for. Instead, the majority of communication is now occurring via text. As you can imagine, when it comes time for important conversations, this medium can be somewhat restrictive in the ability to convey emotion or personality. This is particularly problematic when it comes to college entrance exams where an assessor becomes tired of reading the same vocabulary choice over and over. While there isn’t much that you can do to change pop culture, you can help your child prepare to not only be a part of the culture but excel in it. To help your child introduce them to a game called Synonym Bingo. If you enjoyed winning meat-trays when you accompanied your nana to the local bingo hall then you will love this game!
  • Start by creating your own bingo cards with a design that you think your children will love. A box with 3x3 squares is a good amount.
  • Once you have the cards, grab some scrap paper and cut it into 16 pieces which are just big enough for you to write a word on each side.
  • On one side of each piece, write a word. On the other side, write a corresponding synonym.
  • With these pieces, place them all on the table random side facing up.
  • Copy down a selection of the words onto each of the cards, taking care that you don’t write the same word twice.
  • With the cards complete, fold up the pieces of paper and mix them in a bowl.
Now to start the game! Take turns around the table taking out a piece of paper and read only one word aloud. If any of the players have a matching synonym (not the same word), then they can mark it off on their card. The first person to fill a complete line wins! Just like in the regular game of bingo, you can imagine just how tense and funny the game can become as a few players wait for just one more word to be called out!

Tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI Works

With these two games, you and your youngster will be laughing and learning in no time! If during these games you notice that your child is struggling with a certain subject, tutoring in Honolulu HI can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 and book your free diagnostic consultation where a learning professional can answer any and all questions you have about how tutoring in Honolulu HI can help your child achieve the grades you know they are capable of.


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