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Prepare Your Learner for a Return to School

Summer is over and school is starting again; it's not a 'fun' time of year. However, the first few weeks of class are incredibly important for the remainder of the year. That's why The Tutoring Center in Honolulu wants to help offer these suggestions to ease back into school, and set all learners up to succeed for the entire year!

Before ANYTHING...

Check to see what the upcoming years curriculum includes. Most lower level schools will provide a basic list of concepts and topics that will be covered throughout the year. In high levels, individual teachers will have a detailed syllabus with the important assignments, projects, etc.; get familiar with these general ideas, and review anything that may have been lost over the summer!

The First Days

During the first week of classes it is imperative to form relationships with other classmates as well as the teacher. Showing the teacher respect is obvious, but forming a bond with them with show seriousness in their course and the desire to succeed. It is also a great idea to form friendships among other peers. Exchange contact information with a few other classmates in case of a missed class! Also, they can prove handy to form study groups when exams come.

After Settling

Get settled to the new routine of a new school year and embrace what is to come. Use the new year to improve on the previous year and set goals to achieve something great. Plan ahead to avoid falling behind and never hesitate to ask for help.

Private Tutor in Honolulu

Usually the work load at the beginning of the year is a little lighter because there is review. Try to gain an advantage by supplementing everything else with private one-to-one instruction in Honolulu at The Tutoring Center. For more information about our specially designed academic programs, contact us today at 808.377.5500. .


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