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Tutoring is often associated with students who are struggling to keep up with the curriculum. But what about those exceptional, bright minds at the top of the class? Here at The Tutoring Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, we believe that even the gifted child needs assistance to reach further than the school classroom lesson plans. To help stimulate their inquisitive minds, to tackle more challenging aspects of the curriculum. Here are a few reasons why a talented and gifted child may need a tutor.


It is important to give gifted and talented students the opportunity to extend themselves sideways, not upwards, in the curriculum. They are already at the top of the curriculum and getting bored. Math for example, Offering the child exploration in what he already knows, giving him a deeper and richer understanding of how numbers work. Triangle numbers for instance. Identifying the pattern that makes triangle numbers builds on basic mathematical skills as well as deepening knowledge.

Spreading the Focus

Students may be academically gifted across several areas but excel in one subject, the one they’re most interested in or passionate about. Gifted children tend to have too much focus on one subject, allowing the other subjects to be neglected. This is where a tutor can help your child work on other areas like listening, sitting still, handwriting, and spreading the focus to other subjects.

Gifted Children Need Back

upUnfortunately, the world is not sympathetic to the plight of the gifted child. Gifted education is viewed as elitist. Ability grouping makes people uncomfortable. Teachers of the gifted are believed to have it easy. Parents of the gifted may be considered braggarts or possibly delusional, even though they are much more adept at identifying giftedness in their child than teachers are. Despite these obstacles, gifted students need tutors, teachers and parents who believe in their potential and seek to have their talents developed. 

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If your child is breezing through school and skipping grades, but still needs academic challenges to reach his full potential, or maybe even becoming a peer tutor, consider calling The Tutoring Center here in Honolulu, Hawaii, at (808) 377-5500.


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