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When it comes to parenting, often the only indicator of your child’s school and personal life is a grunt. While your child believes the tone and projection of their grunt clearly told you their entire life story, for parents, reading and understanding the story isn’t that easy.

When It Comes to Slipping Grades, Cellphones Aren't Always the Culprit

While it can be easy to assume that cellphones and social networking are causing sliding grades, often numerous other factors are occurring that you have no way of knowing about. Until now. With experience providing expert one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu County, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has some information below to share on some of the top reasons for slipping grades.

Divided Teacher Attention

Every parent has heard it said multiple times a year - there just aren’t enough teachers to go around. The reason every parent hears this? It’s true. With the ever increasing requirement to perform at their best, students are taking up more of the teacher’s time than ever before. Unfortunately, as a teacher’s time is limited, this comes at the expense of other children who also have equally important questions to ask. While scenarios such as this are unfair, they are all too common. When this happens, students who weren’t able to ask questions or clarify their working often fall behind, leaving them to return home with lower than expected grades, despite putting in their best effort.

The 'Cool' Factor

Do you remember how important it was to feel like you were part of the cool kids at school? Well, not much has changed in the way of school social dynamics in the fact that ‘non-cool’ students are always in awe of those perceived to be ‘cool.' When this happens, usually enthusiastic students will refrain from asking questions or participating to their fullest for fear of not being liked. Of course, as you grew into an adult you quickly realized that your popularity at school has no impact on your future career. Telling this to a teenager, however, is no easy task. If you suspect this is occurring in your child’s social life, speak with them about it and share your own experiences and examples of how being ‘cool’ in school provided absolutely no help during a job interview. If you discover that social influences have caused your student to fall behind, speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 to find out how one-on-one tutoring in Honolulu County can help your student increase their grades and their confidence in order to let them slip back into the regular academic stream.

Teenagers Being Teenagers

Skin breakouts. Croaking voice. Changing body. Sound familiar? That’s because they’re the main indicators that your student is going through puberty. Do you know what another indicator is? A lack of interest in school and a general disregard for home order. Puberty can be a scary time for teens, and raging hormones can change the way they feel about life and school. If you have read this paragraph and suddenly all of your child’s behaviors make sense, then the best thing to do is to speak with your child. Let them know that their feelings are caused by chemicals making their way through the body, changing physical form and altering perception. Often, the only thing that a student needs to hear is that what they are feeling and thinking is normal. Once they understand what is happening, it makes it easier for them to manage and monitor their behavior and school work.

Change of Direction

If none of the above explain your student’s behavior, sit down with them and have a conversation about where they want their academic life to head. Many times, students grades falling is due to a lack of interest. While a student may have previously discussed and decided on a future career path and begun the process to get there, many change their minds along the way and are too afraid to say anything. When this happens, these students just go through the motions of school, resulting in poor grades. While it can be difficult to accept a late change of academic direction, the best thing for any parent to do is realize that their child can and will perform better studying a subject they enjoy. With this in mind, think about areas that your child may be interested in, and bring them up in conversation. Once you are both talking, speak with them about their future studies, and let them know that they are supported in whichever area they choose to go and that they should feel comfortable speaking with you about it and taking steps to alter their academic trajectory.

Give Your Child the Help They Need With Tutoring in Honolulu County

When it comes to children, especially teenagers, finding out what is causing a decline in grades can seem like an impossible task. However, the key is communication. If you sense something isn’t right, have an open and free conversation about what’s troubling them and what you can do to help. If your child is concerned they have fallen too far behind or would like to change the focus of their studies, speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 about how one-on-one tutoring in Honolulu County can help. With subject focused ‘Geniuses in Training’ programs, students of all levels and learning paths can benefit from the learning provided through tutoring in Honolulu County.


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