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Great Tips for Every Parent to Help Their Child Enjoy Writing

The writing skills which your child is able to learn can and will have a powerful impact on both their educational and professional lives. Whether it's writing the essay portion of an exam, completing their journal or presenting a job application to begin or further their career, how well they write is going to matter. Understanding the importance of how well a child writes, The Tutoring Center of Honolulu has prepared a post with helpful tips for parents who want to improve their child's writing skills and boost their enjoyment of writing.

Give Them Free Rein

Have you noticed how your child seems to dislike each and every subject their teachers give them to write about? While it's important for every child to write about subjects they may not enjoy in order to stretch their writing skills and vocabulary, to help them enjoy writing, it's best to loosen the reins. Instead of asking your child to write about a subject they are learning in school, simply ask them to write you a story. Leave them to decide what the story will be about, where it will be set and which characters it will involve. While you may not receive the most educational story in return, you will be surprised at how their attitude towards writing will change and just how quickly their pen can scratch across the paper to put their thoughts and imagination into words.

Write Alongside Them

The grammar and vocabulary they use are going to be crucial for building their writing skills, and parents are the perfect people to help. Instead of leaving your child to write, sit down with them and write a story together. Think about the daily errands you both completed and embellish some of the facts to turn it into a dramatic and heroic tale of accomplishment. With you by their side, not only are they benefiting from spending time learning with a parent, your input such as word choice and sentence structure are crucial for expanding their exposure to different ways of writing and putting their thoughts into words. If you are looking for ways to help your child increase their writing skills in an enjoyable yet more formal environment, speak with The Tutoring Center of Honolulu at 808 377 5500. Through one-to-one instruction, children who attend tutoring services near Kailua see a dramatic increase in their writing abilities as well as an increase in their enjoyment of writing.

Benefit from Journal Writing

There's one subject which children are always fond of talking about - themselves. And while this may not be a great trait to have as an adult, it provides the perfect subject for your child to write about. Alongside your child, visit your local stationary store and find a journal which they like. Each afternoon as part of their regular homework time, ask them to write about the day and their thoughts. When writing about their feelings and daily activities they will search for vocabulary they may not use often in school or even during combined story writing as mentioned above.

Take Their Writing Public

It can often be hard for children to accept compliments from parents, however, when these compliments are received from their peers or people who they haven't met they can become powerful. Encourage your child to create a blog where they write about their favorite subject. If they enjoy fashion, creating a fashion blog where they use pictures from magazines and write about fashion choices can be a great way to get public feedback on their writing. Once they start to feel more confident about their writing, speak with your school about including some of the articles in the school paper, or if their school hosts sporting events, consider your child to be the "official reporter".

Improve Your Child's Writing Skills with Tutoring Classes near Kailua

Many parents find that their children already have good base skills with it comes to writing, the challenge is to encourage their child to build on them. If you would like to help your child improve their writing skills, in addition, the above tips, speak with The Tutoring Center of Honolulu at 808 377 5500 and book a free consultation. During your consultation our tutors can provide further information about our "Geniuses in Training" programs which are delivered via one-to-one instruction. Designed to deliver an increase in writing skills alongside an enjoyment of writing, children who participate in tutoring classes near Kailua see a dramatic increase in their writing abilities.


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