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Homework Time: Making a Schedule & Sticking To It

After a long day at school, then football practice and guitar lessons, finding time for homework can be challenging. With college applications on the horizon, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu wants to help keep your high schooler motivated and organized with these simple steps:

Find the Right Place

Helping your teen find their optimal study environment will not only help them complete their daily homework assignments, but get them into study good habits for college. Whether they need a quiet desk in their room, or they work better in a study group with peers, find the right environment and keep it stocked with all the resources and supplies they might need, such as dictionaries, calculators, pencils, and erasers. This eliminates any time wasted preparing to do homework, and helps your teen dive in immediately to the task at hand.

Pencil in a Time Slot

Eliminate the need for, “Have you done your homework yet?” by asking your high schooler to designate their own daily scheduled time slot for homework. Come up with a consequence together should they not stick to the schedule. Not only does this place all the responsibility of doing or not doing their homework on your teenager, but also helps them organize their day around all their extra curricular activities and know when they will have free time.

You Can Only Do So Much

As parents, we want to make sure our kids excel in school so the best academic opportunities are available to them as they apply to college. While supporting your teenager in their academics is important, at some point they must start to take responsibility for their homework, their academic performance and their grades. We give them the tools for success but ultimately they must be proactive about their learning.

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