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You have undoubtedly heard a lot about having to balance screen time. Nonetheless, have you hear about the great academic benefits that it can have for students? Learn about the benefits that screen time can have in this post by The Tutoring Center, Honolulu, HI.

With the increased presence of technology in our day to day lives, it is true that students spend a significant amount of time looking at screens. It is vital to create a balance and ensure students don't spend all their time looking at a screen, but it's also crucial to understand the educational benefits that it allows. There has been significant growth in educational technology that opens the opportunity for students to improve their learning. Read this article by The Tutoring Center, Honolulu, HI, and learn more about the topic.

How Students Can Benefit from Screen Time

Increasing Their Literacy Levels

Screen time is not just looking at pictures and videos. Students, especially preschool-age, can benefit from having some screen time and interaction with different programs in the day. By being in constant contact with a traditional keyboard, they start getting familiar with the different letters and slowly start understanding basics and the way they connect. This can be beneficial when it comes to them learning to read and spell.

Availability to Academics

The amount of information that the internet contains allows students to look up their interest and further learn about every question they might have. It creates a space where they can have different interactions and engagement with technology; they get to explore and create using different multimedia tools and programs. In school, a lot of learning has turned to technology rather than being just based on books. It is an excellent academic tool as it allows for it to go further than just the classroom.

Enrolling your student in one-on-one tutoring can allow them to develop their technical abilities further and increase their academic performance. Speak with a tutoring expert at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu, HI, and learn about all the benefits of tutoring in Honolulu, HI. For more information and to schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment, call 808.377.5500.

Personal Challenges

Students have the opportunity to take on tasks and challenges on their own. From understanding a program on their own terms and time, to being able to spend extra time on material to be able to understand topics from an individual point of view. Screen time can allow students to work on different challenges and receive instant feedback on how they are doing and what they can improve. This can significantly impact on their school life, as they can enhance their abilities and understand their own way of learning.

It Makes Communication Easier

Technology also increases the opportunity of students being in contact not only with each other but with their teachers. Outside of school, they can have a space to communicate with others and share their questions and also get feedback on their work. Technology also allows for a different type of communication, for some students, speaking through online communication allow them to express differently reflect on ideas or thoughts they had on homework or paper.

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A Boost of Creativity

Having access to screen time also allow students to let their creativity fly. It is true that there is an immense variety of entertainment material online. Still, there is also a great variety of content that can help students learn new skills and feed their imagination to be later able to apply it to their day to day life. From learning how to draw to learning how to create their arts & crafts projects, online resources can have a beneficial impact on opening student's minds into other creative outlets.

It Makes Learning a Second Language Easier

Children have a natural ability to be able to learn new languages with more facility. Nowadays, there are a great number of apps and programs that help students learn about other cultures in new languages in a fun and didactic way. Different from what might happen in a classroom, technology also allows them to learn on their own time and be able to decide and have their own disposition to learn something new and challenging.

Help Your Student Learn with Technology by Enrolling Them in Tutoring in Honolulu, HI

To further enjoy the benefits that educational technology can have for students, enroll your child in one-on-one tutoring. With the help of the tutoring experts at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu, HI, your student will learn new skills and enjoy new ways of learning. Schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment and call 808.377.5500 for more information.


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