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How to Help Your High Schooler with Failing Grades

With college applications around the corner, it’s now as important as ever to keep your teenager’s grade point average as high as possible. While some subjects will be harder than others and maintaining reasonable expectations regarding your teenager’s academic abilities is important, actually failing a class can mean taking classes over the summer, or even prevent your teen from graduating. Once they fall behind in a class, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu knows that catching up can be even more difficult, with many teenagers simply giving up on a class. Although they may try to hide any signs of failing grades, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your high schooler’s performance throughout the semester so that you can tackle any small problems before they become too big.

Identify the Problem

You notice your high schooler failed an exam. Instead of chastisement or punishment, maintain a constructive approach towards their performance. Why did they fail the exam? Was it one or two concepts in particular? Are they also struggling on their homework? Perhaps they have anxiety during exams, or sit in the back of the classroom and can’t follow the lecture. Find their weaknesses and develop a strategy.

Reach Out to Their Teachers

No one can speak to the performance of your child in the classroom better than their teacher! Are they unfocused in class? Tired? Sitting too close to friends? Not turning in their homework? Your teenager’s teacher may have information about your child’s academic habits that you may not. With this additional insight, you can formulate a better strategy to keep your teenager focused and prevent them from falling behind.

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