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There are many things which a parent instinctively knows. However, an area that many parents find challenging is knowing when their child needs help with their school work.

Does Your Student Need Help?

With the complexity of modern lessons continuously increasing, many parents feel there is little they can do to help or identify if their child could use assistance. From years of providing reputable one-on-one tutoring Ocoee, FLThe Tutoring Center, Honolulu Hi knows that there is much a parent can do to help and has some information below on two common identifiers to look out for which suggest your student could use some help.

Were You up All Night Again?!

Mentioned earlier was a parent’s feeling that they are unable to help their student with their homework, due to the level of complexity. Without this knowledge, parents feel that they are unable to gauge whether or not their child is spending an appropriate amount of time on their homework, or not.

If this sounds like a familiar situation and seeing your child’s study lamp as you prepare yourself for bed has become second nature, this could be a strong indicator that your young student needs help.

When considering how long they take to complete their homework, think about all of those movies where all of the teachers in the school got together to plot and plan ways to ruin students’ lives with excess amounts of homework and detention.

Now, imagine the exact opposite. That’s what a teacher is. As much as teachers want each and every student to reach their potential, they are also reasonable human beings who are aware of the time students have after school and the homework they also need to complete for their other classes.

While this should in no way lead you to think that teachers go easy on students, because they responsibly push them to reach their potential, it should be used as a scale when deciding whether or not your child is taking longer than they reasonably should to complete their homework.

The next time you see your child still studying while you and the rest of the family are preparing for bed, ask them if they need help. Many children can feel uncomfortable asking for help when it comes to their homework because they feel that, if their peers are doing it without a struggle, then they should too. However, instead of asking for help to reach that level, they stay quiet and attempt to work later.

If a late-night study lamp has become a regular sight, tutoring in Honolulu Hi can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu Hi today at (808) 377-5500 to ask about the benefits of one-on-one tutoring and how tutoring in Honolulu Hi can help students of all learning levels and ages with their homework.

There Always Seems to be an Assignment due the Next Day

You remember the first time that you heard your child tell you that they couldn’t take out the trash or help with cleaning the kitchen because they had an assignment due the next day. The second time was a little strange because it was their excuse for not coming to the mall with you. The third time was when you knew something was wrong because they declined to go to a party with their friends because they had an assignment due the next day.

What kind of student exhibits this behavior? A student who lacks adequate time management skills, that’s who.

While it can be easy for parents to adopt a mentality that as long the assignments are handed in on time then there isn’t a problem, the real world effects very much are a problem.

Consider the following scenario.

A student who is interested in their lessons attends each class on time. During these classes, they listen carefully, meticulously taking down notes. In fact, such high-quality are their notes that other students often ask to use them to review corrections of their own.

If this student was to be given a quiz during class, there is no doubt they would be able to ace it!

Now imagine the same student who only realizes the day before it’s due that they need to complete an assignment that is set to make up a large portion of their semester's grade.

For this student, who is quite knowledged on the subject of their assignment, they return home with a report card with grades that don’t accurately represent their knowledge on the subject, learning potential, or even their interest in the subject!

Tutoring in Ocoee, FL can Help

The main concern with this scenario is that the student who received a low grade put in the effort throughout the school year and genuinely paid attention during class. However, due to something as simple as poor planning, they return home with a report card that doesn’t accurately reflect their learning potential or intellect.

If your student is always rushing around to complete their work, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu Hi can help. Call today at (808) 377-5500 to book a free diagnostic assessment where a trained learning professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu Hi.


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