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With students out of school for summer break, parents may wonder how they can keep them learning during this time. For tips on the matter, read this post that The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has for you.

Summer is here, and many parents are asking themselves how to keep their children engaged in learning during the summer months. Even though it’s a good idea to take it easy to prevent burnout, summer is a great time for other learning experiences that maybe wouldn’t be possible during the school year. In this post, we’ll explore three different ways you can help your child develop their interests, skills, and catch up before the next year starts, all while making it fun and preventing burnout. Here at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu, HI, we commit to helping your child learn. That’s why we put together this guide on looking for learning opportunities outside of the classroom, seeking tutoring in Honolulu, HI helps with subjects they struggled with, and encouraging their curiosity by appealing to their interests.

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Look For Learning Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

Learning is what children do, but sometimes too much structure can lead to burnout. If your child is a little bit tired of traditional education, a good way of making it exciting again is to turn it into an experience. Luckily, there are many places you can visit that were created with different learning opportunities in mind. Here are three examples: The Hawaii State Library System has some great programs for the summer months, with incentives and activities that are available to you. Reading helps stimulate curiosity, helps them learn to focus, and promotes your child’s brain development. The aquarium and the zoo are enjoyable outings for children because they get to see up close all those animals they learned about during the school year. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about their characteristics and habits while also being a great hands-on activity that can develop an awareness of the environment and the overall wellbeing of animals. Another great learning opportunity is a trip to the Children’s Discovery Center, where children can learn through play about how their city works, their own body, and different cultures worldwide. Whatever activity you choose, remember that the goal is to have a fun experience while also learning, so relax and feel free to enjoy it too!

Once you learn outside of the classroom, it’s good to have a space to come back to and ground everything into a learning curriculum. A professional tutor at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu, HI can help your child learn better. Get in contact today at 808.377.5500 and schedule a free initial diagnostic assessment.

Look For Tutoring in Honolulu to Help Them Out With Subjects They Struggled With

While summer can be an excellent time for having fun in the sun and relaxing from school, it’s also a good time to catch up with subjects your child has been struggling with. The good thing is that you have enough time to make it enjoyable and, most importantly, not stressful. Tutoring in Honolulu, HI has many benefits:
  • One of the benefits of tutoring is that it's a great way to work on subjects that were challenging during the school year. There are many reasons why children might be falling behind in some topics, but it's nothing that some one-on-one learning can't fix.
  • Whether it's math, reading,  or any other subject, having a professional tutor can help your child feel more confident stepping into the classroom next year.
  • Tutoring centers offer an environment conducive to learning where professionals have a great track record of helping children strengthen their skills, and be excited about learning again.

Encourage Learning Through Things They’re Interested in

Another way keeping children engaged is to help them learn based on their interests. What does this look like? Well, it can take many forms, from a particular interest in space, curiosity about dinosaurs, or a fascination with bugs. The idea is to pay attention to what sparks their interest and help them along the way, looking for activities, books, videos, and toys that will encourage learning about that topic. Even the most casual subject can be a great learning opportunity so keep your eyes open. Also, this is a great moment to help your child work on skills like research, reading, and critical thinking.

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