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Students around the country all consider the summer vacation to be set aside for the couch and video games, however, this isn’t the case.

If there is one thing which all students love about school, it’s the break. Specifically, the summer vacation thanks to the large number of weeks that are set aside purely for students to sit on the couch and play video games, watch movies with their friends (also still on the couch), and double-tap every picture and status update they can, also without moving from the couch. After all, that’s what the break is meant for, right? Unfortunately for students, this isn’t the case. And while it’s important for students to take a break from full-time study, it’s equally as important that they don’t spend the entire summer vacation sitting on the couch and not exercising their brain. The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has more on the topic, below.

End-Of-Year Report Card

While there are many students who achieved the grades they wanted and returned home with a matching report card, there are many more who, despite trying their best, brought home a report card with lower-than-expected grades and comments from their teachers. Of course, the grades assigned are a helpful way to know how your child sits within their class, but the comments included can be used as a powerful teaching resource over the summer break. Read each of the comments carefully with the goal of identifying a common theme or suggestion. As an example, a student who struggled with presentations and public speaking will likely have similar remarks in the report card from a range of teachers. Once you know which areas your child’s teachers have identified as a struggle, you can look for ways to help, such as:
  • Take a copy of paragraphs from textbooks, your own magazines, fictional stories, and even comic books and stick them to a range of snacks in your kitchen, requiring your students to not only read the paragraph, but read it aloud to a family member before they can enjoy a snack.
  • Encouraging your children to read your mail to you as you complete your errands or prepare dinner is not only a great activity to improve your child’s public speaking, but the material also provides a range of writing and speaking styles to learn.
  • Provide opportunities for your children to read a range of books they are interested in, even if they aren’t educational. Often, fictional stories will include vocabulary and grammar uses which your student may otherwise not be exposed to, helping to improve their reading and speaking skills.
Of course, if your child struggles in a different area, adapt these activities or come up with your own creative ways to introduce small amounts of learning in your child’s summer vacation days. A child who struggled in the previous school year will find it difficult to keep up with the next school year’s more complex lessons, leaving these students to fall behind their classmates before lunchtime on the first day back. If you are worried about your child falling behind, speak with a learning expert at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI by calling 808 377 5500 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


On the subject of preparation and subjects become more difficult, it’s important that all children start each new school year with confidence. Unfortunately, for many who struggled in the previous year, gaining confidence is easier said than done. If you have a student in this situation, speak with them about their learning challenges and ways you can both help, for example:
  • Alongside your student, read ahead in their textbook and identify which lessons are likely to involve a learning hurdle, and address them before the new classes start.
  • Use practice tests on the next year’s subjects to gauge where your student sits and also to identify struggle areas.
  • Encourage your child to speak with older students who have been in the year and taken the subjects previously, to get a better understanding of what is expected.
The key to preparing for the next school year is to know exactly where your student is likely to come up against a hurdle so that you can both sit down and address it comfortably while you have time over the summer break.

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If you are struggling to understand the complexity of your child’s classes or their teacher suggested summer learning, tutoring in Honolulu HI can help. Find out more about the benefits of tutoring in Honolulu HI during your free initial diagnostic assessment. Call The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI today at 808 377 5500 to book your appointment.  


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