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The Challenges of Ever Increasing Class Numbers and How to Help Your Child Learn With Tutoring Service in Honolulu

The next time that your child returns home from school, ask them how many students there were in their class. Then ask them to compare that number to last year, and the year before. With just these simple questions you’re going to get an accurate, if not startling understanding, of just how much student numbers in classrooms are increasing across the Country. Now take a look at their report card and the grades they are achieving. If you are looking at their card knowing that they can achieve higher grades and a more understanding of each lesson but aren’t sure where the gap is, the questions you just asked them may give you some insight. As student numbers throughout all schools continue to grow it’s unfortunate, but true, that the teacher numbers in these schools aren't increasing at the same level, and students are being placed in classrooms that just keep growing. Knowing the importance of your child’s education in determining their future study or employment options, The Tutoring Center of Honolulu has some information to share about one-to-one instruction, and how it can give your child the attention they need to succeed.

What Affect Does a Large Classroom Have?

In short - a negative one. Expanding on this, it really comes down to two main aspects:
  • How each teacher is able to present each lesson and class
  • How each student is able to learn this information in a way that best suits their learning needs

What Kinds of Limitations Are Placed on the Teacher?

With the diverse needs of each student in every school growing, the ability for a teacher to effectively perform their role and teach each student as they require is shrinking. Of course, with ever growing student numbers comes even more individual requirements that teachers are required to address - which they simply aren’t able to do. Imagine a classroom with a group of students with varied learning styles. In one group, there are auditory learners who need the lesson spoken to them in order to absorb the lesson completely. This group is sitting next to a group of students who understand 99% of the lesson but they need somebody to check their workings to clarify things. On the other side of the class sits a group of students who are happy to just watch the teacher write on the board and copy it all down. With this in mind, think about the limited time that the teacher has to present the lesson to each group of students and you will quickly be able to see that it is simply not possible for the teacher to adapt their teaching style to address each of these students' equally important learning needs. With reputable tutoring services in Honolulu, these very situations simply don’t exist. A dedicated, qualified and professional tutor at The Tutoring Center of Honolulu provides direct teaching to your child through one-to-one instruction. This level of direct instruction allows each tutor to adapt their teaching style to accurately match that of your child. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Honolulu at 808 377 5500 and learn more about our ‘geniuses in training’ program, and how we can provide your child with the attention they need to completely understand each lesson and excel during their schooling.

What Kinds of Limitations Are Placed on the Students?

In addition to your child’s learning style not always being addressed during their regular classes, there is another very important factor that a large classroom can have on your child’s learning - the disruption factor. While a disruptive student in a regular sized classroom can often be easily addressed by the teacher, as class numbers grow so too do the number of social distraction and disruptive children. And if we know anything about a disruptive student it’s that they love more disruptive students to interact with. Combined with the increasing social pressures that are apparent throughout the school, the time that your child has to learn is quickly taken away from them with the teacher spending most of their time addressing the disruptions.

A Distraction-Free Tutoring Learning Center Near Me in Honolulu

With a dedicated learning space free of all social influences that are present at their school, along with the complete removal of all distraction and disruptions, children attending tutoring services in Honolulu are provided with a comfortable learning space and a tutor dedicated to helping them not only learn each lesson but excel during their exams. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Honolulu at 808 377 5500 about learning programs such as our ‘geniuses in training’ programs that provide structured learning and flexible teaching styles that can ensure your child receives the attention they need. In addition, these programs and the one-to-one instruction they include, allow your child to ask any and all questions they have until each lesson has been completely understood.


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