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As we’ve begun a new year, and the second half of the school year, it seems like a great time to work on some different strategies to help with organization. The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to help in this area today, by providing five tips for you, as parents, to assist your child to develop better habits in organization. 

Prepare for the Next Day

Starting the habit of helping your child lay out his or her school supplies, clothes for the next day, lunch money, and any other needed items, will help to avoid the morning rush or stress of trying to find all of the needed items. You’ll have to help your child with this for a while, until he or she gets the hang of it, but think of the time it will save later on. 

Post Reminders

If your child has a particular necessity he or she always forgets, don’t be afraid to post notes around the home. Think of strategic areas your child is likely to see, such as on top of his or her backpack, on the refrigerator, or the bathroom mirror. 

Have a Designated Space

Ensuring that your child has a specific place to go, in order to do homework and study, is essential. You can pick a place at the kitchen table, in the living room, or another area where you can monitor your child and be available for homework help. This can also be the area where your child will lay his or her backpack and other needed items for the following day. 

Have a Study/Homework Time

You may decide that it is best for your child to do homework and/or study just after school, or you may think it’s a better idea to wait until a bit later. If your child has extracurricular activities, be sure to keep those in mind when creating a study schedule. 

Use Checklists

Even as children, there is satisfaction in the completion of tasks and crossing them off of a list. Of course, this may not be the case for every child, however you can try it with yours and test its effectiveness. You can sit down with your child, allowing him or her the opportunity to list what needs to be accomplished, including homework, chores, and even time for television or games, and then put those tasks in an order of importance. Your child can then check or cross off those tasks which have been completed. 

After your child has become a master at organization, it is certainly possible that he or she will still need some academic assistance. For tutoring in Honolulu, remember that The Tutoring Center is ready to schedule a free diagnostic assessment for your child, and begin preparing for our first tutoring session. Contact us at 650-799-7737 to find out more.


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