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Learn ways to encourage your child to maintain their study in the lead up to end up year exams and assessments. Discover how you can help your child stay on track toward high grade and results.

Small Ways Which You Can Help to Keep Your Child's Study on Track

Incentives are a great way to help...

Help Your Student Stay on Target and Make the Most of the Remaining School Months

If you were to ask your child what they had planned for the rest of the school year, they would immediately begin to tell you about their upcoming end of year vacations and all of the fun they are going to have....
When it comes to parenting, often the only indicator of your child’s school and personal life is a grunt. While your child believes the tone and projection of their grunt clearly told you their entire life story, for parents, reading and understanding the story isn’t that easy.

When It Comes to...


Is Every Morning Becoming a Battle?

This time of year can be a real struggle for many families across the country. Students are exhausted, and to many, it can seem like an eternity until the long-awaited Christmas vacations. If your children have been fighting with you every morning, saying that...
After school study sessions are great for memory retention and clarifying any errors you may have taken down. However, the quality of the study session is only going to be as good as the notes being studied.

Boost Your Child's Note Taking Skills

For the most productive study sessions, a student...
Thinking about an ideal educational environment likely includes students sitting quietly at their desks while they absorb each lesson being taught. In this classroom, notes are calmly taken and all students raise their hand to ask questions or to make comments.

Of course, the reality of...
As children, we may not have seen the benefits of speaking another language. Maybe the most notorious one we could find, was being able to talk behind people’s backs without being understood. As we grew up we get to see that learning a foreign language is actually truly beneficial. In this post...

Top Ways to Get Ready for the New School Year

The school vacations are coming to an end. For parents, this can be a great relief - no more stressing about childcare. No more feeling like a taxi driver chauffeuring your children and their friends all over town. But, for most young people, this...

How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

It’s that exciting time of year again. Schools across the country are closing their doors for the summer vacation, and students are jumping for joy about summer freedom! However, such a long break from studying over the summer does come at a price and can have...

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Math Grades

We all had a favorite subject at school – for many it was Physical Education, Art or Literature. These creative subjects allow children more freedom of expression and can be very enjoyable. Then, there were those subjects that many of us struggled...


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