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More likely than not, when someone mentions the use of a tutor, it is inferred that the student needs a private tutor because they are behind in school. On the contrast, one-to-one instruction is specially designed to cater to each specific student’s needs. At learning centers like The Tutoring Center in Honolulu, our experts are trained to challenge students and help them progress to an adequate level.

Help With One Subject

All children have their personal strengths and weaknesses. Some students are better at math and science while others excel in reading and writing. To supplement what they are already learning in school, many one-to-one courses focus primarily in one subject and have a designated teacher that specializes in that topic. For information about one-to-one instruction in Honolulu call (808) 377-5500 today!

Study Habits/Homework Help

Some students just need a little more guidance and help than others when it comes to studying and homework. Whether it is because of a learning disability or otherwise, private tutors have a lot of experience with all different learning styles and characteristics. Getting supplemental help outside of school can allow a tutor to focus on your child’s individual needs. They can help make a schedule/routine and slowly develop skills to help your child stay on track.

Gifted Children

Just as there are some students that struggle in school, there are also students who need more challenge. When a child isn’t challenged in school, they can often become bored and unenthusiastic. To help keep these children from ‘burning out’, tutors can develop more advanced exercises and prepare your student for the next level. It’s not possible to learn too much.

Regardless of the child or situation, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu has a program to help. Visit our webpage or call us today for more information about one-to-one instruction for your student.


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