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As the first semester comes to an end, it means one thing. First-semester report cards. The below article has some great information for managing lower than expected grades.

It goes through every child’s mind as each semester comes to an end: the thought (and hope) that their parents will forget to ask for their report card or that it will magically go missing in the post. However, semester after semester, children all find out that their parents will get their hands on a report card, no matter what!

Managing Low Grades on a First Semester Report Card

The Tutoring Center, Honolulu knows just how stressful it can be for both students and parents alike to receive a report card and has prepared the following post on the topic.

Your First Reaction

When a parent opens up an envelope and sees a report card with low grades their first reaction is often either anger or frustration. These are the two main emotions connected with a bad report card because, after all, low grades mean that their child isn’t paying enough attention in class or they aren't trying their hardest, right? In reality, there is a whole range of behind why a student may receive a report card with low grades which have nothing to do with a disinterest in learning.
  • How effective your child's study time is depends on how good their notes are. Many students don’t know how to take effective notes and end up trying to study with a book filled with scribbles, negatively affecting their study periods.
  • If you can remember a time when you just needed a notebook and a pen to attend class then it’s time to adjust your thinking. Modern classes require many more learning tools, many of which your child may not have, causing them to fall behind as they wait to borrow a classmates’.
  • Many children attempted to prepare for the new year's classes, however, when they arrived they discovered that the classes are much more difficult than they were ready for. This can become overwhelming and affect how well your child can learn.
  • It could be a simple matter of your child not having the time-management skills needed to prioritize their tasks. This results in students who aren’t able to complete their homework or assignments properly because they simply run out of time.
Of course, this is in no way an exhaustive list, however, these are genuine cases for low grades, all of which are unrelated to a lack of interest in learning. One thing they do have in common, however, is that they are all fixable with the help of a parent.
  • Taking high-quality notes isn’t a natural talent, it’s a skill which is learned. Teach your child the techniques you use to take notes and help them to change their scribble into legible study material to boost the effectiveness of their study periods.
  • If your child needs additional learning tools to complete their classes, make a trip to the store and stock up their pencil case. You can even speak with their teachers about any additional tools needed for the next semester.
  • Giving your student an extra helping hand every evening as they complete their homework can have great benefits. Whether it’s sitting with them for an extra 15-20 minutes or just making it known that you are available to answer questions ad-hoc, provide additional help when and where you can.
  • Arranging priorities and managing time isn’t easy. And for a student who hasn’t had any real-world experience with this, it can seem almost impossible. Show your student how you manage your time and how you choose to prioritize your tasks. This can help them to ensure they have sufficient time to complete their homework each evening.
Whatever the cause is for your child's low grades, be sure that you react with a helpful and open nature. If your child needs help raising a C to an A+, one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu, HI can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu by calling 808 377 5500.

Additional Help May Be Required

If you struggle to keep up with your child's homework, you aren’t alone. As classes and subjects become more complex, parents find it more difficult to understand what is written in textbooks. However, there are other ways your child can get help.
  • Check with the library at your student’s school to find out if they host group study sessions. These sessions can provide a comfortable and informal space for children to help each other either answering questions or filling in missing notes.
  • Not all students learn in the same way, and not all students find it easy to understand their textbooks. If your child struggles with theirs, look for alternative reading material which teaches the same lesson in a different way which your student can better understand.
  • Formal one-to-one tutoring can’t be beaten. Formal tutoring provides students with a dedicated tutor who can help your child understand any and all aspects of their lesson or their homework. Without the resource limitations placed on teachers, tutors in this environment are able to dedicate all of their attention to one student, ensuring that your child understands each of their lessons.

Help Your Child to Improve Their Grades With Tutoring in Honolulu, HI

If your child’s grades are lower than you know they are capable of achieving or they need a bit of extra help which you aren’t able to provide, one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu, HI can help. If you haven’t tried tutoring before, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu by calling 808 377 5500. During your visit, a teaching professional can answer any questions you or your student have about the benefits of tutoring in Honolulu, HI.


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