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Reading is a crucial academic skill, and the earlier your child develops a habit of reading regularly, the more likely it is that they will excel in this area throughout their time in school all the way through to college. The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to offer few ways in which you can foster a lifelong love of reading in your child.

Provide a good example

It’s no secret that children are likely to mimic much of the behavior of their parents, and this includes the development of reading habits (or lack thereof). If your child sees you enjoying a good book, they’re likely to be intrigued and try it out, so make sure you act as a good model for them.

Join in

Your child will most likely appreciate reading together with you before they take up reading independently. Reading aloud to younger children is a fantastic way to introduce them to reading, but even older children can benefit from your involvement; ask them lots of questions about what they’re reading, what they like and don’t like about a book, if they have struggled to understand anything and so forth to keep them engaged and excited about their reading.

Provide lots of resources

Having books available to read is of course vital if your child is to develop into an avid reader. Make sure there are lots of reading materials available in accessible places so that if the urge to read takes them they can easily indulge it. Providing a distraction-free space in which your child can read comfortably can be a boon for their reading, too; make sure that TVs and computers are absent and it’s quiet, comfortable and well-lit, and they’ll be sure to want to curl up there with a good book.

Be open-minded

Try not to force your ideas about ‘good books’ onto your children, as encouraging them to read things they find dull or difficult could easily discourage them from reading anything at all. Instead, let them pick their own reading material based on their own interests. It’s important to keep in mind that reading is no longer confined only to books and magazines; graphic novels and ebooks are legitimate choices, so don’t discourage your children from reading these if they want to!

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