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We here at The Tutoring Center in Honolulu previously talked to you about how to encourage your child to love reading, which is a big step towards instilling this invaluable skill in your loved ones. This however, is only the first step. An optimal reading environment is necessary to minimise interferences and make reading for children more efficient. For this reason we prepared the following post containing useful advice about this important topic. 


Visual skills are not only important in reading, but they are also involved in effective learning and most other daily activities. If your child has been struggling to read, it may be worth booking an appointment with an ophthalmologist to identify and correct any eye-sight problems.


Sitting or lying down? The position in which your children choose to read will have an impact on their attention. Remember that reading in an overly comfortable position will put your child to sleep, as opposed to an uncomfortable position that may cause overuse injuries. Keep this in mind when you choose the chair or table where the child will be doing most of their reading. 


Lighting is very important to prevent eye strain and fatigue, so make sure to pick a place that has plenty of natural light or alternatively, a well lit room. Remember that closed off and poorly ventilated rooms will decrease your children’s alertness. You can avoid this by opening doors and windows and setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Lastly, remove any distractions, such as television, computer games and cell phones so attention is not diverted. 

Further Advice

Remember that the reading material of your children should be compelling to them, otherwise they will lose interest. Nowadays, reading isn’t restricted to books as there are other devices where your children can perform this activity like their laptops or tablets; just remember to restrict their use to 30-45 minute sessions to avoid eye strain, and keep in mind that the blue light emitted from these gadgets can disrupt sleep. 

Remember that you can easily manage the reading environment of your children, which will allow you controlling and improving the setting to enhance the reading efficiency of your loved ones.  

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