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 If you’ve got a child in high school, you know that the SAT is going to be a very important determinant in his or her college education. The SAT, taken by millions of students annually, is a standardized exam which helps gage the students learning throughout his or her education. An excellent score on the SAT could lead to admission and even a scholarship to the top school of your child’s choice. 11th grade is typically the first time students will take the SAT, so if your child is either there already or getting close, be sure you take the time to help him or her prepare the best way possible. The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to help in this matter today by providing a bit of general information about what to expect and how to study for the SAT.

The first thing to remember is that there are numerous online resources that can help you and your child understand what will be expected on each section of the SAT, as well as providing opportunity to practice and find strategies for taking the exam.

Next, you and your child should take the time to become familiar with the sections of the exam. The exam is divided into three sections. Reading, Writing, and Math are going to be the areas your child will need to prepare for.

The Reading Section should be read thoroughly before any attempt to answer the questions is made. The trick with this section is in the wording of the questions. They are worded in such a way that if the section is not completely read, but simply looked over for the answers, the test taker is likely to get some wrong. The test makers want the section to be read in its entirety.

The Writing Section will consist of a writing prompt, of which you can find examples from years past, online. This writing prompt will ask the writer to state his or her opinion, using persuasion and factual information, to make a well thought out essay. This essay should be organized into a 5 paragraphs.

  • Starting with the introduction, in which the main idea is stated clearly, as well as at least three points that will be the basis of the next three paragraphs
  • The three body paragraphs should be organized so that one principle of the essay is covered in each paragraph
  • Lastly, the conclusion paragraph should restate the introduction, again touching on the three points, and lastly providing a clincher sentence, which brings together the entire essay

The Math Section

  • The most important aspect to remember about the math section is that it goes from the least to most difficult
  • That being said, remind your child that he or she should spend less time on the equations at the beginning of the exam, and save that much needed time for the more difficult equations at the end
  • The testing center will provide scrap paper for all test takers, for the math section
  • It is important to remind your child that he or she cannot remove the scrap paper from the testing center-it should be turned in with the exam booklet
Lastly, to even better help your child out for test day, don’t forget to have a healthy, brain boosting meal prepared for your child to help him or her get through the days with ease and energy.

If your child has already taken advantage of the online resources out there, but is still feeling uneasy or unprepared for taking the test, remember that The Tutoring Center has a Pre-SAT Prep Program  which will not only help your child with much needed strategies for taking the test, but also provide an opportunity for your child to practice. For tutoring for the SAT in Honolulu, be sure to contact us at  808.377.5500.


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