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Boost Your Child's Brain With Reading

The benefits or reading can never be underestimated. This silent task provides your chid’s brain with so many important learning skills that they will utilize in their educational journey. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu has two great tips to help your child benefit from reading.

Who Better to Teach Them?

The best way for your child to feel encouraged with an activity is to see you doing it. Don’t let your child be the only one that reaps the benefits, find a book for yourself and set some time aside for you and your child to sit and read. Just being in the same reading space as you will encourage your child to focus, increasing their knowledge absorption. If possible, find a book that you can both enjoy. After a period, stop reading and discuss the story so far. Discussing the same reading topic is a great way to generate and maintain excitement in the activity.


The perfect lead on - content. What your child reads is just as important as reading itself. If your child isn’t enjoying or being stimulated by the reading material, they are likely to lose interest and focus very quickly. Find a median between education and enjoyment. If your child has a predilection for music, find a book that incorporates music themes. If appropriate, find a book that is solely about your child’s favourite band. While this may seem like a waste of time, these books provide your child with a wealth of new vocabulary while keeping their brains off the fact that they’re reading.

Tutoring in Honolulu

Reading is a great addition to your child’s formal tutoring in Honolulu, and can be an excellent way for you and your child to spend time together. If you feel that your child could benefit from a boost to their learning to give them a competitive advantage, speak with a learning professional here at The Tutoring Center in Honolulu on 808 377 5500 about how our targeted academic programs can help your child get ahead.


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