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Learn ways to encourage your child to maintain their study in the lead up to end up year exams and assessments. Discover how you can help your child stay on track toward high grade and results.

Small Ways Which You Can Help to Keep Your Child's Study on Track

Incentives are a great way to help keep young students stay on track when it comes to the lead up to end of year exams/assessments, Or end of year vacations, as your student would likely refer to it. However, it's important to maintain a balance. That is exactly what this article from The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI can help with.

Trouble Getting out the Door on Time?

If the morning ritual is your challenge and you just can't seem to get your student out of bed and at school in a timely fashion, consider cooking their favorite breakfast as an incentive. Despite what you might think, the scent of cooking bacon or pancakes is a powerful tool. If it's after school study that is your problem, consider cooking their favorite meal if they complete the set amount of study time each evening before dinner is served. If they are looking to get a second helping of dessert, consider it a reward for extra study time that evening.

Math and Algorithms

For a social student, the internet is their lifeblood. Without it, they lose access to their entire social worlds. Do you know what controls the lifeblood of your student's social life while they are at home complaining to you about having nothing to do? Your wifi password. If your child is struggling to remember a particular set of algorithms, change your wifi password each day to make it the answer to the problems they struggle to remember. If History is the struggle, make it the name of a famous conqueror who your student struggles to remember the name of during pop quizzes. While it might seem small, incidental instances where they need to recall information which will appear on a test are crucial to keeping their brain trained for the event.

Chores for Answers

  • If your teen thinks that there is nothing worse in the world than taking out the trash, consider swapping it for a small quiz. Just five answers are enough to keep important information fresh in their mind.
  • Does mowing the lawn seem like it's going to end your teen's social life? Consider swapping the chore if they read ahead a few chapters in their current class textbook.
When considering which chores to swap for study related goals, remember to keep it small and not to a point where you child expects a reward. Use it solely to maintain and encourage momentum. If your student's challenge to reach their potential requires more than at-home incentives, speak with somebody who knows how to help. Call The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 and book a free consultation where you can learn more about how tutoring in Honolulu, HI can help your child excel at school.

A Driving Lecture

One of a parent's greatest powers is having a car. This is simply because teens need rides to places, lest they get stuck at home on a crucial social day! The next time that you are asked for a ride to the mall or to a friends' house, ask your student to read out loud to you along the way. It can be anything from a few paragraphs for an upcoming exam or trigonometry equations. The purpose is similar to 'Chores for Answers,' where the activity keeps the information fresh and ready for fast recollection when it is needed.


One of the problems with using money as an incentive is that you can't take it back, and it can be spent freely. However, consider allowing your student to join your music or movie streaming family account if they maintain a solid grade average, bring home a set number of grades each period, or if they continue to hand in their assignments on time.

Tutoring in Honolulu, HI Works

These are great and easy-to-implement ways to help your student stay on track as the end of the academic year draws closer. If your child's learning challenge requires a little more assistance, speak with somebody who can help. Call The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 and book your free consultation. During your initial visit, a learning professional can show you how tutoring in Honolulu HI works and how your child can benefit from one-to-one instruction.


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