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It’s an all too common belief that sports not only have no bearing on students’ academic performance, but even that spending their time playing sports could hurt students’ grades. We here at The Tutoring Center would like to put that right today, by telling you about a few of the fantastic cognitive benefits that playing a sport can bring to your child.

It stimulates brain growth and development

Exercise prompts the brain to produce brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which in turn encourages the growth of brain cells and increases the brain’s ability to adapt and grow new neural networks in response to new challenges. Needless to say, this is great news for developing brains.

It can aid memory and attention

Studies indicate that children that get regular exercise consistently outperform those that do not in tasks requiring memory creation and recall. This may be because exercise boosts growth of the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain. It also stimulates the basal ganglia, the section of the brain largely responsible for focus and concentration, leading to increased ability to pay attention. Obviously, this is a great bonus for schoolchildren.

It can boost test scores

A strong correlation has been established between regular exercise and high test scores, with children that get the recommended hour of physical exercise each day scoring higher than their peers receiving less. A period of aerobic exercise a short while before sitting a test seems to provide a significant boost to test scores too, possibly due to increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

It’s a great mood-enhancer

Playing sport may be unrivalled as a natural mood-enhancer. Exercise stimulates production of mood-boosting, stress-relieving hormones, and playing as part of a team is a joy in itself. A good mood is vital to maintaining motivation and drive, both crucial for stable academic performance.

It does wonders for their character

If your child plays team sports, they’ll develop the teamwork skills necessary for good participation in group discussions and debates. Dedication and determination are also key factors in excelling at both solo and team sports, and a good work ethic in this discipline is likely to transfer over to your child’s academic life, too. They may even get the opportunity to practice their leadership skills if they make captain!

There are plenty of things you can do to help you child excel, whether that’s encouraging them to take up reading or hiring a tutor to provide expert one-on-one support with any area of struggle. The Tutoring Center offers Geniuses in Training academic programs targeted at reading, math, grammar, study skills and exam preparation. Call 808.377.5500 to organize tutoring in Honolulu today.


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