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When springtime comes around, we all think about giving our home a good cleaning to make it more appealing. Consider doing the same with your student's notebooks.

It doesn't matter if a well intentioned student spends numerous hours studying in their space every night pouring over their notebooks, if the notebook they are using isn't organized or has distractions, then the quality of the study sessions are going to be diminished.

Boost the Power of Your Student's Notebook

Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI with a great way to clean up your student's notebook and improve the quality of their study sessions.

Start With a Solid De-Clutter

If spring cleaning is something you enjoy, then you are going to love this one! Safely and cautiously explore the forest that is your child's room and find their notebook. Once you are back on safe ground, it’s time to get it sorted with a good de-clutter. With your youngster, start by removing any and all loose pieces of paper, post-it notes, cut-outs, anything that isn’t bound to the book, and put it aside. Once you have the pile, sort it into categories:
  • Legible
  • How did that even get in there and what language is that?
Despite your instincts, be sure that you don’t throw anything away. While it may seem completely irrelevant to you, your student may have a special use for it or it may even be a reminder of something important. A special note: As you remove each loose piece of paper, use a pencil to make a note on the page it came from and the paper itself, so that you know where it belongs when it comes time for the next step.


Speaking of the next step! Now that you have the loose papers sorted it’s time to work out what really needs to go back in, and what might need some work before it's ready. The first pile to sort through is the ‘How did that even get in there and what language is that?’ papers as these are likely to be the quickest and easiest to throw away. When you and your student are sorting through these papers, please be careful to read each one completely. What may look like a page of scribbles may have one small piece of legible information written in the bottom corner which is important. If you have any leftovers with actual information present, compile them with your ‘Legible’ pile. If you notice that your student struggles to take notes for a particular class, tutoring in Honolulu, HI can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI today by calling 808 377 5500 and find out how subject-focused learning programs can help your student overcome any learning challenges


Here is a step which isn’t often seen or used, and it’s reformatting. The idea behind this tip is to only pack your child’s notebook with solid and useful information, with all other information completely removed.
  • Start by making your way through the pile of loose papers you have and, together, decide if you need the entire piece of paper or if only a small amount is needed. Once you have decided, cut away any information which isn’t conducive to learning the lesson and throw it away. When you throw away the scraps, be sure that you remember to note the page or reference you marked in pencil and transfer it to the remaining note.
  • Now that you have just the notes you need, match them against the original pages from the notebook. However, instead of just sticking or stapling them to a page, consider reformating the entire page and note.
    • For example, if the piece of paper you want to include is a diagram which would be ideally placed in the middle of the note, reformat the note. This could mean either copying over information by hand to a new note which includes the diagram in the correct place or using your computer (or even a tablet or phone) to scan the original note and digitally re-format it to include the diagram.
    • Similarly, if there is a page with only half useful information and the rest is distracting scribble, make better use of the space by reformatting and collating the original note and any other continuing pages. Not only will this save space, but it puts more related information on each page, making it easier for your student to dart their eyes around to re-read references, etc.
  •  Once you have either the newly printed note or the handwritten copy, *this* is what you will put into your student’s notebook by way of sticking the page over the original.
Is the above going to be a quick and easy task? Probably not. However, will the above task leave your student with a clean and concise notebook which allows for improved study sessions? Absolutely!

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