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It’s no secret that nowadays, students find it harder to concentrate on one task for a long period of time (with all of the information and distractions that’s being thrown at them all of the time). However, as you may imagine, this could be hurting their learning experience. If you struggle to pay attention in your classes, but would like a few tips on how you can improve and become a better student, continue reading. 

How to Stay Focused in Class

  1. Start by taking on healthier habits. For instance, eat well and sleep enough, so you’re not tired or hungry when you should be concentrating on learning.
  2. Before you head into your classroom to begin your classes, make an effort to shift your mindset towards learning. Try your best to prepare mentally to focus and pay attention.
  3. Needless to say, when your class starts, any distractions (such as your cell phone) should be turned off or put away so they don’t take your focus away from the class.
  4. Where you sit can be really important: a seat near the front of the class, where you won’t get distracted by friends, the door or a window, is the best option.
  5. When you’re sitting in class, make sure to remain in an upright posture and to face forward at all times. This will keep your body language and your attention in check.
  6. If you want to stay focused, write notes about the lessons you’re being taught. Doing so will force you to keep your concentration and will result in an effective study material.
  7. Finally, participate actively in the class: raise your hand to ask questions, share your opinion, answer what the teacher is asking and more.

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