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 The academic chores of your children demand full concentration, which may seem impossible, as they are surrounded by smart phones, tablets, social networks and other stimuli that can divert their attention. 

Keep in mind that having a study space at home is the first step to instill solid study habits, that will help your children improve the quality of their assignments and boost their learning. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Honolulu, we prepared the following post containing useful information on this topic.

Learning Style

The first step is finding out your children’s learning style, as each student has its own way to acquire and process learning material. Keep in mind that you should find a space in your home adjusts to the learning style and it should be intended for studying only. For further information on this topic, be sure to read this previous post.


One of the crucial parts while assembling a study space is the chair, remember that your children will spend several hours on it and it can lead to overuse injuries, if it’s uncomfortable. Don’t forget to provide the space with a lamp, keep in mind to that too much or too little light may lead to eye strains. Also, check the room ventilation and set the thermostat to a cool temperature to keep your children alert. 


Creating a distraction free zone will allow your children focus on their chores and finish them on time. Like we mentioned before, electronic gadgets are common source of distraction. However, you should also identify other distractions in the room and remove them.

Being a great student is the result of solid study habits, motivation and many other factors, so don’t forget that having an efficient study space at home is the first step towards great academic achievement.

If your child’s report card wasn’t what you expected, at The Tutoring Center we can help. We offer a free diagnostic assessment that allow us focusing on the struggle areas to boost your child’s academic performance. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Honolulu. Call 808-377-5500 to learn more about our exclusive programs.


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