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When it comes to helping your child prepare for school, there are multiple ways you can begin this task. Surely you can get your child interested in reading, loving numbers, and generally motivating your child with the desire to learn. Today, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to help you with a few specifics to helping your child prepare for his or her education. By allowing your child to start using technology now, for educational pursuits, you will actually be helping him or her to get ahead. 

Spatial and Hand-Eye Coordination are important tools that will be needed at the beginning and throughout your child’s education. Though there are several ways you can assist your child to develop these skills, including throwing the ball or painting, certain online games and apps will use them too. Games where your child is supposed to move objects from one area of the screen to another, or aim, for example. Depending on the difficulty level of the game, you’ll find that in order to complete a task they’ll have to be able to aim with a certain level of accuracy. 

Finishing Tasks
As your child is getting more involved in a game, you’ll likely notice that in order to move on from one level to the next, your child will have a certain number of goals to complete. Whether the focus is to earn points, collect items, or complete challenges, the idea of completing tasks in order to move on, will be one that soon is ingrained into your child’s understanding. Though, at first, he or she may not put this together with tasks outside of the technological world, it will not be a far stretch and you should be able to get your child to see the importance of task completion in other areas of life. 

Lastly, you can expect that you’ll see your child begin to improve in his or her Language Skills. In order to help foster language skills, while using technology, you’ll want to focus on games which are word heavy. These games may be those that your child has to read the instructions for tasks carefully or even ask questions to win. You can also, of course, go with any games that are going to introduce or strengthen your child’s knowledge of the alphabet if he or she is not reading just yet. 

Once you’ve begun helping your child get ahead with technology, you may find that there are certain areas where he or she could use a bit more assistance. Remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff that is prepared to help. You’ll also do well to keep in mind that it’s never too early to set up a study space at home. For tutoring in Honolulu be sure to contact us at 808-377-5500. Stop by to find out more about our programs and to set up your child’s free, diagnostic assessment.


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