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Summer is the perfect time for students to take a break from a school-based routine and enjoy their time off. However, too much sleeping in can make it difficult for them to re-adjust to a schedule. Even adults find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, more so after they too have enjoyed a vacation.  So when it comes time for students to get back into a school-based routine after the summer vacation period, every parent is faced with a significant challenge: getting their children onto the bus/into the car on time.

Tips to Help Every Parent Get Their Children out of Bed on Time

If this sounds like a familiar struggle in your home or you are anticipating its arrival, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Honolulu which aim to help.

Electronic Devices Sleep in the Kitchen

Even if you don’t understand their appeal, it’s easy to see that electronic devices are a powerful distraction when you’re attempting to give instructions or even just ask your child about their day. This distractive nature continues in the bedroom when your child makes their way to bed and, instead of sleeping to be able to wake up refreshed in the morning, they continue to swipe and double tap. To prevent this, instill a rule which prevents electronic devices from being taken into their bedroom. Further, make your children leave their devices in the kitchen overnight. This idea has two great benefits: The first is that it prevents these devices from keeping your child awake when they should be sleeping, helping them to get a good night sleep and wake up ready to face the day. The second and potentially most powerful benefit is that your student is required to get out of bed in the morning and make their way to the kitchen to check their messages and reply to notifications they have received overnight.

Now You Have Your Student in the Kitchen

A growing teen’s body needs one thing – food! So why not use their hungry stomach as an opportunity for a reward system? Make a deal with your student: If they get out of bed and arrive in the kitchen ready for breakfast by a set time, you agree that you will be there waiting and will prepare any breakfast food they would like (within reason and your available ingredients, of course!). If they don’t arrive in time then breakfast preparation is up to them! As their stomach grumbles in bed in the morning, you can bet that it will act as a powerful motivator to get them up and ready for food. Each year your child’s classes become more complex and more difficult, often resulting in them requiring homework help which you just aren’t able to help them with. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu today at 808 377 5500 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment and learn how subject-focused tutoring in Honolulu can provide your child with the homework help they need. During your first visit, a trained learning professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring and how tutoring in Honolulu can help your student improve their grades and their self-esteem.

Discourage Napping

Even adults are guilty of indulging in a nap after a long day at work or running errands. While it certainly refreshes you, when it comes to your child doing it after school, it can ultimately work against them as their body and brain struggle to relax mere hours later when it’s time for bed. Instead of allowing naps, encourage your student to participate in active and fun activities or even have them help you in the kitchen preparing dinner or completing some evening chores. Anything which you can do to keep them awake can be great to help them fall asleep more easily at night and, in turn, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get out of bed on time.

Encourage a Bit of a Snooze

As a parent, you likely find it difficult to wake up to an alarm and immediately get out of bed, and your children are no different. While this tip can sound counter-intuitive on the surface, the idea isn’t to allow your student to snooze past the time they should be out of bed. Instead, set their alarm 5-10 minutes earlier and give them enough time to wake-up slowly, stretch in the comfort (and warmth) of their bed, and prepare their mind for the day ahead. Just a small amount of time can make a big difference.

Tutoring in Honolulu Can Work for Your Child!

Whether your child needs help raising a B to an A+ or they are struggling to keep up in class and need some targeted help to fill in gaps from their regular classes, one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu can help. Speak with a tutor today at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu by calling 808 377 5500 to learn more about how tutoring in Honolulu can work for your student. During your free initial diagnostic assessment, a trained learning professional can answer any and all questions you have about the benefits and the effectiveness of tutoring in Honolulu.


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