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After school study sessions are great for memory retention and clarifying any errors you may have taken down. However, the quality of the study session is only going to be as good as the notes being studied.

Boost Your Child's Note Taking Skills

For the most productive study sessions, a student needs quality notes, which is not something all students can take. Understanding how important quality notes are to a student, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has some tips to share with your child.

The Right Tools for the Job

The road to taking high-quality notes starts with having the right tools. Gone are the days where a single simple notebook and black pen will suffice. Nowadays, students require much more. Take a look at the list below, and if you are missing any of the items, it's time for a quick trip to the stationery store.


One notebook sounds like a good idea in theory. Until, after a month or two of use, it becomes a tome that you want to leave behind. Instead, get a separate notebook for each class. Once you have the notebooks, personalize them to suit your own style, such as your favorite pop star or fashion icon. Even better, try and create a blend of subject themed objects and your favorite celebrity.

Everyday Items

  • Pens (different colors for easy labeling)
  • Regular lead pencil
  • Ruler
  • Highlighters (again, different colors for easy labeling)
  • Small tab stickers to help identify important notes
If your child could use formal help with their note-taking or they are struggling with a particular lesson or subject, speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500. Through one-to-one instructions, students who attend tutoring in Honolulu HI see an increase in their overall grades and confidence.

Organization is Key

Once you have your notebooks, it's important to think about how you are going to use them so they can be the most productive. If not, notes can quickly become messy and unorganized, making them hard to understand and sort through. Below are some ideas to keep in mind.
  • Each time you start a new note, start a new page. This prevents you from mixing up notes which share a page.
  • When you do write your notes, remember to write well.
    • There's nothing beneficial about a note you can't read, so slow down a little and give your notes the attention they deserve.
  •  Adding dates to the top of your pages makes it easy to find notes without the need to flip through your pages scanning for information.
  • If you write notes which continue over to the next page, number each page and use a highlighter to draw attention to the fact. This can prevent you from missing an entire page of information because you didn't know to turn.
  • Last, but certainly not least, be sure you leave space after each note. Whether it's to draw a picture at a later stage, add some corrections, or even add entirely new information, having space for later use allows you to keep further information together.

Write High-Quality Notes

With these tips in mind, it's time to think about how to take the type of information you need to make the most of your time and maximum writing or typing speed.


If you are about to hear a teacher you traditionally have trouble understanding, sit closer to the front. Similarly, if you know that you will want to speak with your friends, sit away from them. The important lesson is to do what you need to do so that you can listen.

Just Note Down Important Information

A lecture is not a lesson in dictation, so don't try to write everything the teachers says. Instead, listen for key points and pieces of information and note those instead.

Create Your Own Writing Language

If you have trouble taking down even the most important details, consider changing how you write. Shorthand is a great established written language which allows information to be taken down in symbols. Think about creating something similar with abbreviations for common words or phrases. Once you have your list, make a small 'Cheat Sheet' which you can refer to as you study.

Review with Your Classmates

Once the lecture or lesson has finished, meet up with a classmate and exchange note information. This is an excellent way to correct your own notes while also expanding them.

Children of All Learning Levels Can Benefit from Tutoring in Honolulu HI

All students can benefit from increased note taking skills, and these tips are a great start. In addition to helping your child with their note taking, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI can help them improve their grades and self-confidence through one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu HI. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 to learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Honolulu HI.


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