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Some students handle the transition to a new school well, other students can struggle, leading to a decline in their academic performance. If your student started a new school, this article can help. If you were to think back to your high school or college days, you probably remember all of the friends you made and the adventures you all went on together. You may think about all of the teachers who were either incredibly strict or incredibly lax. You even remember (and maybe even miss) the quality of food they served at the school lunchroom. What you don’t remember, however, are your first days each time that you had to start a new school. Those nervous memories are buried way behind all of the fun times you had in school.

Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to a New Learning Environment

The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has helped to prepare countless students for the first day at a new school and has the following tips to share which can help make your student’s transition a smooth and enjoyable one.

Be Yourself!

Hollywood would have you believe that changing schools is the best time for you to ‘reinvent yourself’ so that you can attract more friends or a higher social standing at your new school. And while this may work in a series of music backed movie montages, in reality, students who do this don't enjoy their time because they aren’t being themselves. For this reason, it’s important that you let your personality shine through! While it may mean that you won’t be best friends with the ‘cool kids,’ it does mean that the friends which you do make in school will like you for you. That’s what is most important about making school friends.

Throw Away Your Map!

If your school gave you a map or any object to help you make your way around the school grounds, put it in your bag as an emergency-only item. Instead, each time that you have any questions about the school grounds or need directions to get to a class, ask a fellow student around you. If possible, look for students who you recognize from your class and ask them. While it can seem counterintuitive to throw away an assistive device, asking for directions to class is the perfect icebreaker to open up a conversation with a stranger and potentially make a new friend. If your child is struggling with their transition to a new school, it could be that they feel nervous about their academic abilities next to their new peers. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI at 808 377 5500 to speak about one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu HI and how it can help students to fill in any learning gaps needed to boost their confidence and have them beaming again.

Stay Social!

Just because there isn’t an equivalent at your new school to a club which you were a member of at your last school doesn't mean that you can’t be social. Take a browse through your school's online resources, message boards, and even your own social network for any clubs or school-based social or study groups that you could join. While you are looking, be sure to keep your options open. This means that, while you may not have been interested in the AV club at your previous school, consider joining it at your new school to change your regular social groups and meet new friends you regularly wouldn’t run into.

Know Your Teachers

Just as important as knowing your fellow students is getting to know your teachers. And while you won’t be forging a social friendship with them, it’s important to learn about their personality, their teaching style, and their requirements and expectations for your lessons. While you will always want to hand in your assignments on time, knowing what your teachers will expect from you before you are handed your first assignment will help you to make your first assignment or test a high scoring one.

Tutoring in Honolulu HI Can Cure Back to School Nerves

If your child is feeling unsure about their abilities, then tutoring in Honolulu HI can help. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI by calling 808 377 5500 to learn about one-on-one tutoring in Honolulu HI. Delivered in a private and encouraging environment, students who attend tutoring in Honolulu HI feel comfortable asking any and all questions they have to complete any learning they are still missing and help improve their confidence.


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