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It can be tempting for a parent to reward their high achieving student with a summer vacation free from study and schoolwork. However, this isn't always the best reward when it comes to a child's progress. If you are planning your student’s summer vacation time and are considering making it a study-free time, The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI has the following post with information about a phenomenon known as the summer slide, including how it can affect your student and how you can prevent it.

What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

The summer learning slide is named this because of the effects it has on students over the course of their summer vacation. However, the fundamentals can be applied to any extended break from study. An easy, yet very rudimentary way to think about how the summer learning slide works is to imagine a sponge. While it seems off-topic, stay with us. If you were to submerge a sponge in a pool of water, it would continue to absorb as much as it could until it was completely full. This is similar to the way a student’s brain works; at the age of a student, their brain is at its peak for learning and absorbing all information presented to it during classes. However, just like a sponge, once you take a student’s brain away from the classroom for an extended period, their brain starts to leak and forget important information. The summer learning slide can affect any and all students who don’t continue their learning to a degree over the summer vacation period. To prevent your child from forgetting their lessons and give them the best start when it comes time for the new school year, speak with The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI by calling 808 377 5500. Ask about how one-to-one subject focused tutoring in Honolulu HI over the summer break can help your student hit the ground running next school year. Continuing on with this example, imagine that much of your student’s course load revolves around math focused subjects. Being a progressive subject, students are required to learn each and every lesson before they can understand and move on to the next. When they are on summer vacation and not exposing their brain to their math lessons or homework, the information which starts to be forgotten includes math equations and formulas which they will need to know to continue their classes. The challenge for students is that they don’t know that this information is being forgotten, as they are simply too focused on enjoying as much time away from studying as possible. Of course, they very much become aware of the situation when it comes time for the first day of the new school year. They suddenly realize that they need to spend valuable classroom time asking their teacher to help them relearn information learned in the previous year. This will most likely be information which their classmates maintained over their summer break period. This puts students in a bad position as they start school, not only because of the wasted time spent relearning information, but their confidence takes a severe hit. This can lead them to feel discouraged in themselves and their work before the first school bell has even had a chance to ring!

The Answer Is Not Summer School/Camp

When many parents hear about how the summer learning slide can affect their student, the first thought is always towards summer school or camp. At a summer school or camp, students spend the majority of their vacation time continuing their studies, with very little time afforded to leisure and social time. As much as parents might not believe it, students need vacation time away from their studies where they can interact with their friends and family. This is crucial to their development and to their enjoyment of each lesson when it does come time to study.

Summer One-To-One Tutoring in Honolulu HI Can Help

Instead, enroll your student is a balanced number of one-to-one tutoring classes in Honolulu HI which have been purpose designed to help students stay focused on challenging areas over the summer break without requiring them to maintain a full course load of study. To learn more about these programs, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI by calling 808 377 5500 and book a free consultation. During your first visit, a qualified and experienced tutor can answer any questions you have about one-to-one tutoring in Honolulu HI, and how it can help to give your student the best start possible for the next school year.


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