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The Academic Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep, And How To Get It!

Sleep is essential for life. It is a time during which the body can rest and divert its attention from active functions to processes such as a healing and repair. Sleep is also the time when the brain is most active and requires...

Great Tips for Every Parent to Help Their Child Enjoy Writing

The writing skills which your child is able to learn can and will have a powerful impact on both their educational and professional lives. Whether it's writing the essay portion of an exam, completing their journal or presenting a job...

How Social Influences Are Affecting Your Child's Grades

When parents receive their child’s exam results or their report cards it can be often difficult to understand why their children aren’t achieving the grades they know they’re capable of. Once a child leaves the front door and makes their...

The Challenges of Ever Increasing Class Numbers and How to Help Your Child Learn With Tutoring Service in Honolulu

The next time that your child returns home from school, ask them how many students there were in their class. Then ask them to compare that number to last year, and the year before....

Improve Lesson Understanding and Comprehension With Tutoring Services in Honolulu County

It’s no surprise that every parent wants to make sure that their child is receiving everything they need to succeed during their educational paths. And while this used to include parents providing teaching...

Improve Your Child's Grades With Tutoring Services near Kailua

With the importance of every student's grades as they enter college and the workforce, many parents across the country are finding that their children aren't receiving what they need during their regular...

Improve Your Child's Grades With Tutoring in Halawa

Giving your children every advantage you can as they progress throughout their educational path is important to every parent. While a traditional learning path is designed to give your child the basics that they will need, a blanket approach...

The Importance of Your Kids Eating Breakfast

There's a reason why everybody says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - because it's true. So why do so many people miss it? In this post, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu has some information to share about how you can...

A Fun Science Project You Can Do at Home

As well as putting into practice what they've learned at school, science projects at home give you a chance to better understand your children's interests and also their skills. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Honolulu has a great fun way for you...

How Playing an Instrument Can Benefit Your Child's Learning

Often dismissed, joining a band or playing an instrument has great benefits for your child's academic path. While learning an instrument may not seem like it has much to offer your child's brain, The Tutoring Center...


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