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 We here at The Tutoring Center in Honolulu recently offered a few suggestions for brain-boosting superfoods to include in your child’s diet. That was by no means a complete list, though, so today we would like to give you a few more ideas for foods that will help your child develop both...
Here at The Tutoring Center in Honolulu, we understand that every child is different and that each has their own way of learning, which is why we strive to make their tutoring sessions as personalized as possible.

This is why, in this post, we’ll let you know about a few different learning styles...
We can’t overstate the fact that your children’s brains need stimulating activities. There are many ways that can fulfill this purpose, however learning to play a musical instrument has many advantages that will boost different areas in your children’s life. For this reason, at The Tutoring...
As we’ve begun a new year, and the second half of the school year, it seems like a great time to work on some different strategies to help with organization. The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to help in this area today, by providing five tips for you, as parents, to assist your child to...
Reading is a crucial academic skill, and the earlier your child develops a habit of reading regularly, the more likely it is that they will excel in this area throughout their time in school all the way through to college. The Tutoring Center in Honolulu would like to offer few ways in which you...
As a parent, you’re no doubt focused on providing your child with every opportunity to prosper. Providing them with a healthy, enriching diet is not only important for their physical health and development, but crucial to help them develop mentally and excel academically. The Tutoring Center in...
The winter break provides a wonderful opportunity for you to spend quality time together as a family and for your child to relax, have fun, and blow off some steam after a semester of hard work. That said, it is a good idea to try to keep your child’s academic skills sharp over the holidays,...


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